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Final Design And Technical-Financial Analysis Of 4GONBAD Copper Mine


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The Pars Olang Engineering Consultant Company began providing its engineering and consultant services in 1995 as a part of the Office of Engineering of Olang Mining Company, and later on as an independent company in 2002; providing engineering consultant services in the areas of Exploration and Management on excavation operations.

The company has tried with the aid of knowledgeable, both Iranian and foreign experts in these fields along with the cooperation with a number of reputable international companies such as; IMSRN, Datamine, BRS, SRK, and Riotinto, while utilizing the advanced specialized software such as NPV Scheduler, Downhole Explorer, Datamine Studio, Fusion Client, and DHLogger, provide quality services with international standards.

The activities of the Pars Olang Engineering Consultant Company includes; Modeling, Reserve’s estimates, Strategic Design of Mine, providing Extraction designed plans, Production schedules, design extraction operation, Management and Organization Consultant, Rock Engineering and Geotechniques, design Environmental Safety and Health programs, Technical and Economic evaluation of mines, and providing support in utilizing specialized software.

The company providing geological and exploration reports based on scientific standards, and also involved in the exploration and supervision of excavation operations of projects such as Sungun porphyry copper deposit, Midook, Dareh Zar, and copper veins of Chahar Gonbad, Chah Mesi, Mazraeh skarn, in addition to other major projects such as the porphyry copper deposits in the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Iran, while receiving the client’s satisfaction on projects.

Up to the end of the calendar year (March 2013), we reach an unprecedented record in supervision on excavation operations and core logging of over 700,000 meters, which is 21% of all the total excavation work in the history of Iranian mining.  

The Pars Olang Company as the first operating company, in rock fall and slope stabilization project in Iran, implemented a designed plan on the hillsides adjacent to the Sungun condensation copper mine factory, prior to Varzaqan and Ahar earthquake in August of 2012.

 This project only prevented a massive financial loss and irreparable life disaster from happening, but also casted a bright prospective on the environmental safety and health programs in areas such as open pit mines, roads and buildings.  Thus the gained experiences in various fields, has enabled the Pars Olang Company to be of a central figure amongst the mining consultant companies.

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